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Ciao Bambino Musical

Ciao Bambino Cropped WB

Our client is a multi-talented person, a Singer/Songwriter/Actor based in NYC. She is producing an original Off-Off Broadway show in Nyc, an Italian-American family, a fun musical called “Ciao Bambino” which in English means, goodbye little boy (talking about a lover, immaturity etc).

She was after a logo, of a red color to use for social media, and printing applications. We were therefore briefed to create a logo that would ensure recognition and consistency through out various media. The fact that the show takes place in NYC in the 1960’s and it is very much Italian themed, was taken into account. Therefore, the new logo is part of an identity which is consistent with these elements and it reflects a look and feel close to these elements, avoiding the use of Italian cliches.



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