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Bojan is a newly conceived Indian Street Food business to be launched in Bristol. The concept is ‘Indian Street Food’ – providing diners with an ‘authentic’ Indian food experience that is akin to the type of food eaten by thousands of Indians across India every day as they go about their day – usually in roadside cafes and establishments.

The concept will provide a slice of ‘real India’ –specialising in real, nutritional and honest food. The focus is ranging from foodie fashionista’s following the latest trend to diners looking for an ‘experience’ of authentic Indian street food. This includes families – as the menu will include suitable dishes aimed at the younger palate.

The concept will be inclusive. The atmosphere for the restaurant will be ‘buzzy’, lively and active – so probably not somewhere where you would go for a quiet romantic meal, instead somewhere where you would go to have good food in a sociable environment.

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