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Artos Lab Bakery

Artos Lab Bakery

Artos Lab is a bakery offering fresh tasting goodness! We were commissioned to create a new brand identity for them. With a history dating back to 1982, our client is well established in the Greek Market. Handmade, fresh and delicious are the values that best describe the brand.

Artos Lab Bakery

Artos Lab Stylescape

Conducting research is one of the most crucial steps when creating a new brand identity. What makes the brand unique? After that, translating the values and the essence of the brand into visual concepts through stylescapes is really important too. It also helps the client understand the visual direction of the project.


Having agreed on the ideal stylescape and having set already the mood and style of the brand, we proceed by designing the logo and also by applying these values to various touchpoints.



In the end, we ensure that brand story is expressed in the appropriate way and the brand essence is communicated in a fairly consistent way.

Make sure you check the full project on Behance