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Unified Brand Strategy & Graphic Design

We never considered Graphic Design and Brand Strategy as two distinctive parts. Being people that live and breathe brands, we are firm believers of unified brand strategy and graphic design. Should these two parts work hand in hand, then the brand is on the right path to reveal a consistent identity. A robust and meaningful brand strategy along with a clean and purpose-driven graphic design are the instruments to convey the right message and trigger the desired emotions of your targeted audience. We have a passion for creating unique and powerful brand identities. We help you define your brand, who you are and how to appeal to and communicate with your audience.

My Story

Stavros Simonovikis is the founder of Simon branding. He is a Brand Strategist and a Graphic Designer living in London and his work focuses on the creation of brand identities and brands growth. In the past he has worked in Greece, Netherlands and currently in UK, where he has been involved in various brand strategy projects including brand building and development, covering the full spectrum of Brand Strategy (naming, mission, vision and brand placement) and brand identity design (logo creation, brand guidelines, colour palettes, marketing material).

He has two different master degrees; Marketing from the University of Patras and Entrepreneurship & Strategy from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He was selected to participate in the Future Leaders programme which took place in Athens, developing and delivering a marketing plan for the development of Industrial Museum on Syros island. Thereafter, he has been proud to be a volunteer of the Future Leaders Programme, mentoring the next generation of leaders how to unleash their potential and motivate them to go the extra mile in their jobs.

While working in brand strategy, he follows his greatest passion which is Graphic Design, specialising in the creation of brand identities that will be consistent, evocative and most importantly will represent the main purpose of the business. Becoming an expert in brand identity creation and implementing robust brand strategies constitute his utmost vision. His motto is that brands should deliver what promised to their customers.